Social Media Marketing can be a game changer in your marketing efforts

As per Global Web Index quarterly report 2016, "Over 50% of Facebookers are now watching videos. 40% of 16-24s are utilizing social networks to research products/brands." Social Media has become more than a fad and Social Media Marketing (SMM) is changing the rules of how marketing is done.

Marketing campaigns on social media are different from offline campaigns. A blend of the best people, great plans and right platforms can help you weave success stories in the social media eco-system. Content plays an important role in consumer engagement too.

"66% of content that users Pin come from brand websites."

Unlike organic marketing, Paid Social Media Marketing, also known as Performance Marketing is a form of paid marketing using Social Media which primarily aims to achieve a click, lead or a sale.

Top Benefits of Paid Marketing / Performance Marketing for Social Media

  • Campaigns can be highly targeted as per specific consumer profiles based on their age, gender, likes, dislikes, and more.
  • Location-based ads as well as ads based on user interests can be posted through paid advertising campaigns.
  • High-level insights can be obtained for each campaign that tell you more about the users who interacted with your ad.
  • If the ad ideas are not generating much response, you can pull out those ads and upload new ones.
  • Depending on real-time insights, you can refine your strategies and utilize the potential of Social Media.

There is undoubtedly a surge of ideas that are revolutionizing this generation of marketing arena. From Facebook bots to Social Support services, social media marketers have great technological breakthroughs at their pedestal to reach out to the tech-savvy people of today.

Real-time user engagement is booming. Live event streaming, video chats with experts, 360 degree video uploads, interactive augmented reality apps, virtual reality and more are making today's generation happy while marketers crack brilliant campaigns using the amazing possibilities.

Have you heard of Facebook bots?

Recently, when Mark Zuckerberg launched the Messenger Platform, every marketing geek like other tech enthusiasts were biting nails to find out more about the next big thing from Facebook. And the new reveal does not disappoint. Millions of users are actively using Facebook Messenger today and Facebook has taken it to the next level by combining human interaction with artificial intelligence to roll out conversations like never before. Big Brands like Disney, Hyatt, CNN and others are already using bots.

So what are bots? Bots in simple terms, are piece of software that provide automated answers. Companies interested in using bots can develop their chatbots using the Facebook bot engine. These bots represent the company that created it and help them indulge in conversations with users. In case, the bot is unable to find an answer, the question can be passed to a human from the company's office for answers. The bots turn more intelligent with every conversation.

With this new development, users of Facebook Messenger can place shopping orders, ask for stock updates, solve technical issues and more through messages. Customer service just got elevated to a more personal level where response is as quick and easy as instant casual chats with friends on Facebook.

Dark Social and Deep Web

As per hot topics discussed at the SXSW 2016 event, Dark Social and Deep Web are two ideas making heads turn at the moment. Dark Social is the sharing of content by copy pasting links and messages through instant messaging services, emails etc. Deep Web carries content that does not get indexed by search engines.

Dark Social and Deep Web are important ideas because a huge amount of data is exchanged digitally that does not get tracked by traditional analytics platforms. Marketers and software development companies are working on solutions to tap the opportunities existing in this area.

IoT - Internet of Things

With billions of devices connected to the internet and user dependency on these connected devices to get things done, the concept of Internet of things has gained tremendous attention lately. Most of these device users connect with brands through various social media platforms on different devices throughout the day.

Companies such as Bosch, Visa, Amazon and many others are building IoT cloud platforms to create better user experience for their customers. At the backend, high analytics becomes available about consumer behaviour and marketers are eyeing this space to make the most out of these platforms to reach customers.

Augmented Reality

Using the power of augmented reality, user experience can be redefined.

KFC successfully achieved its message of being affordable for all using their augmented reality app. Their interactive app displayed the food items that can be purchased using currency notes shown to the app with access through the smartphone camera. The KFC app became widely popular on social media platforms.

Augmented Reality can give life to historical characters too. Take a look at this video of the brilliant usage of augmented reality to increase social sharing created for Union Station at Kansas City.

Facebook for Business

Another Facebook development is building a Facebook network just for businesses where employees can chat, share ideas and utilize the platform to meet business goals. There can be marketing opportunities hiding here too.

Social Messaging

More than social media, apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and others have active users with billions of messages shared on these platforms. More and more marketers are rolling out engaging conversations through paid marketing features on these apps.

More Creativity, More Success

When social media became a fad, many big and small companies came up with new ideas to enhance the social media experience. Recently, Taco Bell gained terrific response by creating a Taco Bell lens on Snapchat. Whatsapp groups are now used to talk to clients and send out instant invites.

Social Support

With so much brand talk happening on social media, companies have officially started social support services with instant customer support on social media networks. Marketers leverage this service interaction by rolling out campaigns based on data insights gathered through these channels. Also, with interaction on social channels, marketing offers and ads can be incorporated in a manner that doesn't appear forced to users and appears more like a regular conversation.

Linkedin for Business

According to Linkedin statistics, "Over 3 million companies have created LinkedIn accounts." You can target audience based on company size, job title, function, industries, seniority, continents, countries, state/province and city.

On Linkedin, paid marketing campaigns for B2B as well as B2C Customers can be very useful. Companies can put up ads for partnership opportunities, career ads and more. Paid content can be easily plugged-in among posts or through Linkedin Sponsored Inmails messages. Dedicated Products tab can be added on your Company's Linkedin page.

Multi-lingual Targeting

Most of these social media platforms support multiple languages to localize content and maximize reach.

"LinkedIn is currently available in 24 languages. Twitter is available in 40+ languages. You can navigate YouTube in a total of 76 different languages (covering 95% of the Internet population.)"


Multi-Networking is a concept where one person has multiple accounts across various social media platforms. These accounts are integrated via apps to post a single message/picture/audio/video across multiple platforms at the same time.

"Multi-Networking continues to flourish, with digital consumers having an average of almost 7 accounts. This number has close to doubled since 2012 and 16-24s are leading the way."

Global Web Index quarterly report 2016

Here are some more of the Social Media Innovations for marketers:

  • Twitter experience gets better with apps like periscope, vine and more. Six second videos of vine are quite popular among Twitter users.
  • Customized apps on social media pages help the users to do more on the social media page without visiting the company website.
  • More and more social media companies are working on feature to provide live streaming of videos directly on their platform or through support apps.
  • Live tweeting has already been successful for connecting with event visitors by businesses and event management companies. But now live customer care services on social media are expected in 2016.
  • Pinterest is working on buyable pins where a purchase can be made through a pin.
  • 360 degree video view on Facebook and YouTube is already gaining popularity.

These are ideas coming from forward thinking companies. Also, with rising competition among social media channels, many more innovations can be expected in the years to come.

Times have changed. People connect online more than meeting offline. They love to express their thoughts and are open to interact with new ideas from brands. Big Trunk can help you engage better with your target audience by utilizing the latest innovations in Paid Social Media Marketing.

Which social media platform do you love the most and why? What will be the next big innovation in social media according to you?