Facebook Vs YouTube: The battle is on!

Get your social armour redesigned; For video ads, are creating a storm in the online space. There is a virtual war between the two social networking giants, YouTube and Facebook. And the much-debated topic today is - ‘Who can generate maximum response from video advertising online?’

After all, why won’t there be a debate. Facebook has gone aggressive with video ads since 2015. That’s not all; Facebook recently reported billions of video views. They have already announced a feature-rich video ads system with enhanced audience insights.

Advertisers and marketers are the ones who need to decide their ad spends. Where do they put their marketing money? Let’s take a closer look at these two giants based on their developments in the recent times.

The use of video is a key part of most marketers' plans in 2016, with 73% planning on increasing their use of videos.

- Social Media Examiner

Inception of the Facebook Videos Ads

The popularity of videos on Facebook had grown considerably since 2015. Facebook’s video ads were gaining the attention of the marketers. At the same time, Facebook started rolling out new updates for advertisers and marketers. So the discussions began to find out whether Facebook video ads can give better results than the existing YouTube ads. Also, videos were becoming much more than usual live videos on Facebook and YouTube.

In the game of Targeted Ads- Facebook & YouTube

There is a huge difference between the way Facebook and Google collect data for targeted ads. Facebook already has a huge database of users whose personal profile with likes, dislikes, interests and more are the most accurate information available for targeting. Google on the other hand, uses the profile of logged in users based on their internet search behaviour such as search history, location tracking and more.

In short, Google records a user’s online footprints while Facebook uses their personal digital profile for targeted ads. Google did try to acquire a digital personality database of online users by launching Google+ but the Google+ community failed to achieve much popularity.


  • Facebook had 315 billion video views in the first quarter of 2015versus YouTube's 756 billion views. (Source: Ampere Analysis)
  • 75% of Facebook's video views come from smartphones, compared to just 50% for YouTube. (Source: Facebook Ads)
  • On Facebook, a video ad playing longer than 3 seconds is counted as a view while on YouTube 30 seconds accounts for a view.
  • YouTube’s audience are mainly teens so if you are targeting adults or an older target audience then Facebook might work better for you.(Source: http://digiday.com/platforms/demographics-youtube-5-charts/)
  • The number of channels earning six figures each year on YouTube has increased by 50% y/y, says YouTube.

As per YouTube blog, from April 2016 through June 2016, ads from Olympic Partners received an equivalent of over 400 years worth of watch time.

Here are some of the popular Olympics Ad Videos:

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